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Adult Dance Classes

 Ballet Tap Hip-Hop



Tuesdays 8:15-9:15pm $525.00 Year
Ana-Maria will take you on a journey to strengthen and tone your body while learning new Dance moves as well as a variety of dance routines. Get ready because you are going to get too sexy!


Wednesday 8:15-9:00  $525.00 / year      



Saturdays 8:45-9:30am  $525.00 / year                                                                             



Thursdays 8:15pm $525.00 / year


TOTAL BODY WORKS - $525.00 / year

High energy, fat burning, and easy-to-follow class designed to sculpt and tone your body.

— Dance inspired cardio workouts — the best way to get fit and burn calories.

— Bodyweight muscle conditioning part of the class will help you to gain muscle mass and sculpt the perfect body.

— Stretching at the end of each class will increase your flexibility and restore balance.

 Burn: up to 500 calories, Bring: yoga mat, towel, water bottle

Time: 4:30 -5:15pm, Wednesday

For you 

This class is your time. 


Dancing increases your self-esteem and confidence. Improve your self-esteem, learn graceful new ways for your body to move, gain better appreciation and respect for your body 

Adult Ballet Class

Thank your body

Time for you to take a class and thank your body for getting you here this far. Did you know Dancing helps to boost your memory. Science shows that exercise can reverse the volume loss from the part of your brain that controls memory and can help prevent dementia.

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